Designing ScriptRIGHTS! Towards the development of an open-source AI toolkit for scriptwriting short films

EN. Designing ScriptRIGHTS! is a working group that reunites five researchers from the fields of Transmedia Narratology, Digital Arts, Film and Media Studies, STS and Law – all connected to the “AI, Art and Creativity” research group of the Centre for Internet and Society in Paris – with a group of artists and software developers from different countries. Pursuing the practical project of creating an AI prototype, our multi-disciplinary group has two correlated goals. First, it aims to elaborate a detailed Design Document allowing the future development of ScriptRIGHTS! , an open-source AI toolkit dedicated to scriptwriting (short films). Secondly, drawing on two collaborative working sessions, the group intends to prepare a research project proposal based on ScriptRIGHTS! to apply to the upcoming European Union research funding programmes (i. e. ERC Grants). Algorithms are increasingly used in audio-visual productions to automate editing and video creation and even to write whole screenplays – enabling the construction and transmission of data-driven narratives and representations. Despite this widespread use, research is still rather scarce concerning creative, cultural, social and anthropological implications of these practices. Developed for educational purposes, ScriptRIGHTS! is designed to question the risks and contributions of AI technologies within the frame of a particular set of creative activities. By incorporating human and machine as co-creators, it examines some of the ways AI challenges and modifies scriptwriting practices.

ScriptRIGHTS! uses machine-learning, neuronal networks, and long short-term memory to enhance our understanding of relations between knowledge and narrative skills, script analysis and procedural authoring. It draws on traditional scriptwriting techniques, integrating “formulaic” data-driven storytelling to create short films. The working group will establish the project’ specifications and set up the development of a creative AI tool accessible to students and teachers, artists and researchers as well as to a broader audience of film lovers.


Ce projet, déposé par le groupe de travail Intelligence artificielle, art et créativité du GDR Internet, IA et Société, est financé par le Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS), situé en Allemagne.


Porté par Marida Di Crosta, maître de conférences HDR à l’Université Lyon 3, et Ksenia Ermoshina, chargée de recherche CNRS au CIS, ce projet débutera à partir de mai 2021.