Design of algorithmic recommandation systems of cultural goods

This 2021 funded workgroup focuses on the design of algorithmic recommendation systems for cultural goods. It aims at facilitating interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral discussion about the design and the reception of algorithmic apparatuses in the field of cultural industries (media, cinema, music, publishing, etc).

This space of scientific collaboration proposes to examine the necessary conditions required to build alternatives to dominant models of circulation and commodification of symbolic goods. Empirical or theoretical studies will allow crossing diverse approaches, from communication and information science to sociology of techniques, computer sciences, art and design sciences, etc.


Samuel Gantier has been coordinating this GdT since its creation in 2021. As a senior lecturer at the Polytechnic University Hauts-de-France since 2016, his research tackles the question of documentary cinema, UX design and the analysis of uses in the field of cultural industries (video on demand, documentary filmmaking, webdocumentaries). His teaching focuses on the practical and theoretical dimensions of audiovisual techniques and interaction design. Before working as a researcher, he was an editor and director of documentary films, then a consultant in audiovisual transmedia for fifteen years.

Fanny Bougenies has been coordinating this workgroup with Samuel Gantier since 2022.

Ève Givois coordinated this workgroup with Samuel Gantier in 2021/22.