Notice to candidates for the 2024 researchers CNRS competitive examination interested in the CIS UPR 2000 team

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Illustration by Charlotte Selz, CNRS Careers website.

The Centre for Internet and Society of CNRS (CIS – UPR 2000 CNRS) will decide on 7 December 2023, during a team meeting, which applications it will support for the competitive examination aimed at recruiting CNRS permanent researchers. This unit already hosts researchers recruited by sections 36 (Sociology and legal sciences), 40 (Politics, power, organization), and by the Interdisciplinary Commission 53 (Methods, practices and communications of science and technology).

Candidates for the 2024 CNRS competitive examination who wish to request support from the CIS are invited to contact the deputy director of the CIS, Francesca Musiani (, and to send her, no later than 30 November 2023, the following elements:

  • a pre-project (3 pages minimum excluding bibliography, if possible more, and up to 10 pages),
  • a CV (including a list of publications and a summary of the thesis),
  • a short cover letter explaining the choice of CIS, in connection with its research themes.

Applications will be examined by the UPR’s team. Please note that support by research units in the examination process consists of help in writing and revising the application as well as organizing mock interviews at a later stage. Research unit do not participate in the recruitment process which is managed at the national level.

Information on CIS (both on the UPR and on the GDR 2091 Internet, IA and Society that it manages) is available on this website (