Reinforcing the ecosystem of training programs in science communication (REFORMS)

REFORMS, a 24-month project funded by the ANR as part of the Sciences avec et pour la société 2021 call, is coordinated by Jean-Marc Galan (CIS UPR 2000, CNRS), with Francesca Musiani (CIS UPR 2000, CNRS ), Matteo Merzagora and Paul Boniface (TRACES), Xavier Coumoul and Afaf Mikou (UMR 8601, University of Paris) and Loïc Petitgirard (CNAM, HT2S).


In a context of significant transformations of the relations between science and society (environmental crisis; viral pandemic; challenges to the legitimacy of scientists; emergence of new actors and citizen sciences, etc.), science communication is receiving increasing institutional attention. At the same time, the demand for training programs in this field is more and more important.

As a first step, we propose: (i) to map the training programs and the contents taught at the national level, (ii) to analyze the profiles of incoming students and alumni, (iii) to document the pedagogical innovations born within these programs, both in terms of contents and formats, in particular those that appeared during the pandemic.

Secondly, this “state of the art” of the French science communication training ecosystem will be examined in the broader context of transformations in science and society relations.

All of the results, in the short and long term, will prove directly useful both for the stakeholders who shape the offer of science communication programs, and for the target audiences of such programs. In addition, the participation of training actors in REFORMS will strengthen or create links within the ecosystem. One of the effects of our project therefore resides in the strengthening of this community.

This project is funded by the ANR.