Internet in Russia, 2010-2022
2022, Ksenia Ermoshina and Francesca Musiani (participation), ResisTIC team
Timeline and online resources on the history of the internet and the defense of digital freedoms in Russia from 2010 to 2022.

2021-present, Tommaso Venturini
Retina is a web application, created in collaboration with Ouestware, that helps you share your graph visualizations online.
It currently accepts GEXF and GraphML files.

2020-present, Tommaso Venturini
Developed with the support of the Mission pour les initiatives transversales et interdisciplinaires du CNRS and in collaboration with Ouestware, BiblioGraph is an experimental tool allowing to transform a corpus of bibliographic records into a scientific landscape – that is, a visualization taking the form of a network of references and metadata extracted from a corpus of bibliometric records.

Delta Chat
2017-present, Ksenia Ermoshina (participation)
Delta Chat is a secure messaging application that uses email protocol for message transport, and relies on rPGP (a version of OpenPGP) for end-to-end message encryption. Delta Chat is developed by an international team under official coordination of Merlinux GmbH (Germany). It offers users a decentralized alternative to popular secure messengers, with a simple Signal-like UI, without dependency on phone numbers and offering large interoperability (possible to register with almost any email service provider and migrate when needed).