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Digital Governance and Sovereignty in a Fractured World: Competing States and Circulating Norms (DIGISOV)

Détail de la couverture de la revue Information, Communication & Society

Data localization as contested and narrated security in the age of digital sovereignty: the case of Switzerland

Samuele Fratini, Francesca Musiani, Information, Communication & Society, 2024.

DCPC/CIS Policy Lab

DCPC/CIS 2024 Policy Lab

Facilitating connections between state entities and digital commons projects, 30-31 May 2024, Paris.


IAMCR International Council Election

Francesca Musiani (CIS-CNRS) was elected member of the IAMCR international council.

École d'automne EHESS et CNIL 2024.

Politics of connections. Investigating (personal) data in transit

Autumn school organized by EHESS and CNIL, October 14-18, 2024.

Détail de la couverture du livre Un monde en guerre, La Découverte, 2024.

Le chiffrement peut-il sauver des vies ?

Francesca Musiani, in Claudia Senik (dir.), Un monde en guerre, Éditions La Découverte, 2024.

Big Tech Conference

Big Tech as an Actor of Global Security and Geopolitical Conflicts 

International Conference organized by CARISM, CIS and IRSEM, May 2nd and 3rd, 2024, Paris.

Image de la revue First Monday 29(2), 2024.

Governance by Infrastructure

Special issue of First Monday, 29(2) 2024, edited by Léa Stiefel, Morgan Currie, Francesca Musiani, Alain Sandoz, Antti Silvast, and Robin Williams.

Détail de la couverture du livre Global communication governance at the crossroads

Understanding Infrastructure as (Internet) Governance

Francesca Musiani, in Claudia Padovani, Véronique Wavre, Arne Hintz, Gerard Goggin, Petros Iosifidis (eds), Global Communication Governance at the Crossroads, 2024.

Détail de la couverture de BJHS Themes, vol. 8, 2023

The Soviet scientific programme on AI: if a machine cannot ‘think’, can it ‘control’?

Olessia Kirtchik, BJHS Themes, vol. 8, 2023, Cambridge University Press.

Logo du CEFCYS

European Cyber Women Day 2023

Francesca Musiani (CIS-CNRS) is the winner of the 2023 “Cyber Researcher” Prize of the European Cyber Women Day.

Logo de DNS Research Federation

QUIC or the battle that never was: a case of re-infrastructuring control over Internet traffic (InfraQUIC)

Project funded by the DNS Research Federation, led by Clément Perarnaud and Francesca Musiani, 2024.

Visuel du CESE

Artificial intelligence: risks or opportunities?

Conference organized by the CESE, with the participation of Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay, broadcast live, 15 November 2023, 2 pm to 5 pm.

Notice to candidates for the 2024 researchers CNRS competitive examination interested in the CIS UPR 2000 team

Your request for support from the CIS is expected no later than 30 November 2023.

Couverture du livre Eaten by the Internet

Encryption as a battleground in Ukraine

Chapter by Ksenia Ermoshina and Francesca Musiani published in the book Eaten by the Internet, Meatspace Press, 2023.

Couverture du livre Bitcoin and beyond (Routledge, 2017)

Bitcoin and Beyond. Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, and Global Governance

This book, published in 2017, in which Francesca Musiani participated, is one of the most downloaded open access books.

New York Times, avec Ksenia Ermoshina, juill. 2023

Cracking Down on Dissent, Russia Seeds a Surveillance Supply Chain

New York Times article, with Ksenia Ermoshina, July 3, 2023.

Extrait de la couverture de la revue Politics, no 140

Conspicuous normality. Egalitarian ethos and social hierarchies in Silicon Valley

Olivier Alexandre, Politics, no 140, Money to rule, 2022.

Logo de la Revue d'anthropologie des connaissances

New vectors of scientific credibility at the interface between social worlds

Special issue of the Revue d’anthropologie des savoirs, 2023, edited by Benjamin Raimbault, Fabrizio Li Vigni (CIS-CNRS) and Séverine Louvel.

Aux sources de l'utopie numérique, détail de la couverture de l'ouvrage de Fred Turner

From Counterculture to Cyberculture

Lecture by Fred Turner, Paris, June 16, 2023.

Extrait de la couverture du livre Retour d'utopie

Retour d’utopie. De l’influence du livre de Fred Turner

Published in the series Les cahiers de C&F éditions, no 6, June 2023. Summary of the book available in English.

Détail de la couverture, Genèse d'un autoritarisme numérique

Genèse d’un autoritarisme numérique. Répression et résistance sur Internet en Russie, 2012-2022

Françoise Daucé, Benjamin Loveluck and Francesca Musiani (dir.), Presses des Mines, 2023. Summary of the book available in English.

Détail de la couverture de la revue Enjeux numériques

Modelers of the Covid-19 epidemic

Fabrizio Li Vigni, Enjeux numériques, no 21, March 2023, Annales des Mines.

Détail de la couverture de la revue Réseaux no 236

‘Platform parties’ versus ‘network parties’

Fabrizio Li Vigni, with Enka Blanchard, Réseaux, no 236, 2022/6.

The Kremlin Has Entered the Chat

Wired.com, February 2, 2023, with Ksenia Ermoshina.

Couverture du livre Concealing for Freedom

Concealing for Freedom

This book by Ksenia Ermoshina and Francesca Musiani received a special mention from the 2023 Stefano Rodotà Prize for Data Protection.

Extrait de la couverture de la revue Journalism

“Voices from the Island”: Informational annexation of Crimea and transformations of journalistic practices

Ksenia Ermoshina, Journalism, First published online January 16, 2023.

Cube idéal-typique

An ideal-typical cube for the study of the platformization of politics

Fabrizio Li Vigni, Terminal, no 134-135, 2022.

Logo Wired.com

WhatsApp Launches a Tool to Fight Internet Censorship

Wired.com, January 5, 2023, with Ksenia Ermoshina.

Fabrique numérique des corpus en SHS

Archivage du Web, un enjeu de gouvernance (d’Internet)

Chapter by Francesca Musiani published in La fabrique numérique des corpus en sciences humaines et sociales, 2022. Full text available in French.