19.5.2022 Hypertextes #12
Ksenia Ermoshina et Francesca Musiani

Ksenia Ermoshina, Francesca Musiani, 2022, Concealing for Freedom. The Making of Encryption, Secure Messaging and Digital Liberties, préface de Laura DeNardis, Mattering Press, 267 p.

Hypertextes reçoit Ksenia Ermoshina et Francesca Musiani (CIS-CNRS), jeudi 19 mai 2022, de 17h à 18h, pour une séance en visioconférence portant sur leur ouvrage Concealing for Freedom (Mattering Press, 2022).

Écrit dans le cadre du projet de recherche européen NEXTLEAP, cet ouvrage est disponible en accès ouvert depuis le 19 avril 2022. Par ailleurs, les autrices ont rédigé un billet de contextualisation intitulé Encryption and Technologies of Power in a (Cyber-)War Torn World.

EN. We will have the pleasure to host Becky Kazansky as a ‘special guest’ discussant. Becky is a scholar and practitioner working at the he intersection of technology, human rights, and social justice issues. She has defended her PhD dissertation at the University of Amsterdam in December 2021; her doctoral research has investigated how practices and infrastructures are developed to counter the threats of state and corporate data exploitation.  

Concealing for Freedom
The Making of Encryption, Secure Messaging and Digital Liberties

This book sets out to explore one of the core battlegrounds of Internet governance: the encryption of online communications. Current debates around encryption have fundamental implications for our individual liberties and collective presence on the Internet. Encryption of communications at scale and in increasingly usable ways has become a matter of public concern, especially since Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelations. A new cryptographic imaginary is taking hold, which sees encryption as a necessary precondition for the formation of networked publics. At the same time, there have been major evolutions and accelerations in the field of secure communications, prompted in part by the cryptography community’s renewed efforts to create next-generation secure messaging protocols and applications.